“Everything is going to be a-okay.”



We are online artists who love to create engaging online communities. Here is some of our work:


Our team’s first project, ChurchOfPoppy.com (formerly Titanic.Church), is an unofficial online community for fans of a YouTube/music artist.

This unmonetized project is what brought our team together—just a group of friends coming together to build fan-content for the community that we love.

Other Projects

We are planning to develop other projects in the near future. Watch this space for details.

Our Team

To help preserve a mysterious and intriguing aura for our projects, we have refrained from correlating our character names in any particular project with our team member names, and ask for you to please uphold the same courtesy.


The following team members are responsible for a variety of tasks such as additional programming, art design, character acting and story-writing:

We have also received help from a variety of community members and contractors in producing additional graphical and music assets.





If you need or want to
send us BTC for any reason.